"Detour To Hell" (2006)

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"Detour To Hell" (2006) 75-minutes aka "Robbed, Murdered and Eaten"

The rural town of Shellby has been dying ever since the new highway passed it by. Tourists no longer stop at BETSY'S CAFE for lunch, or at JOHNNY'S GARAGE for gas. But Joey and his pals have a plan. When business gets REALLY slow, a 'Detour' sign and a few nails on the highway solve their problem. But in time, this seemingly harmless prank turns into something far more sinister. Some of the travelers begin to disappear...especially if that traveler happens to be a woman. Such is the case with CHRISSY, who is running from her husband, but suddenly finds herself running for her life. She seemingly vanishes into thin air...but where did she go??? Is EVERYONE in Shellby involved in her disappearance? And who will find her first?...the police?...the psychopathic killer?...or the sadistic pervert?

Produced by Migdalia Etheridge. Written and Directed by Ray Etheridge. A Golden West Films presentation.

Josh Medeiros, Dan Alvarez, Michael Gavino, Joel Levitt, Tina Cherro

Film Festivals:
Miami Independent Film & Music Festival (2006); Delray Beach Film Festival (2007)

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