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Ray and Migdalia Etheridge,

the "husband-and-wife filmmakers".

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Ray and Migdalia began producing
movies together as a hobby in 2005.
They make what are often called
microbudget films...films with little
or no budget.  Most of their
films were shot in and around their
home, and their garage was often
transformed into very elaborate
sets, such as a Police Station (for
"Stoned Dead"), a Mountain Cabin
(for "Detour To Hell"), a Thug's Hideout
(for "Dying For Dollars"), and many
others. Their films were generally
shot on Mini-DV, with a film look
added during the editing process.
Nearly all of their films have been
showcased in Film Festivals throughout
the U.S., and have received numerous
awards. Ray is their technical person,
who handles the camera, lighting,
audio, and editing. Migdalia is their
producer, assistant director, script
supervisor, and makeup artist. She
also writes one song for each of their
movies, which can be heard under the
films' end credits. The Etheridges
are also founders and sponsors of the
15-Minutes of Fame, a yearly film
festival held in Palm Bay, Florida.
It showcases the work of filmmakers 
from across the U.S., and around the globe.

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Ray and Migdalia during the production of "Bad Spirits" in Miami.