"Portland Rose City Speedway" (1982)

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"Portland Rose City Speedway" (1982) 30-minutes

We believe that our master is the only existing copy of a "pilot" for a proposed television show that never aired. "ROSE CITY SPEEDWAY" is a rare and nostalgic look at the old half-mile track on a typical weekend in 1982, where car enthusiasts would gather to watch the races, and eat hot dogs with their kids. The track is long-gone, but this program will bring back wonderful memories of a bygone era.

Included in the show is a special appearance by "Orval The Daredevil Clown", who presents a thrilling stunt by Mike Rossi, and a profile on auto racer Dale Vermere who tells what it takes to keep his "limited stock" on the track.

The program is hosted by FRANK BONNEMA.
Produced by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge.

Running time: 30-minutes.

The video master (recorded more than 25 years ago), has a few momentary "audio dropouts" where part of a word is missing here and there, but fortunately the picture quality of this show is near perfect.

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