"In Your Face" (Portland Wrestling) (1976)

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"In Your Face" (Portland Wrestling) (1976) 30-minutes

"In Your Face" is a rare collection of vintage interviews and ring footage of professional wrestlers from the Pacific Northwest.

These revealing and intimate interviews, filmed in the 1970s, were conducted far away from the screaming crowds of the Portland Sports Arena...many in their own home.

Dressed in regular street clothes, they sit back and discuss their private lives, and give us a rare insight into what it's really like to be a professional wrestler.

Interviewed are "Tough Tony" Borne; "The Royal Kangaroos" (Lord Jonathan Boyd and Norman Frederick Charles III); Johnny Eagles, "Apache" Bull Ramos; Dutch Savage; Jimmy "Superfly" Snooka; and a rare interview with promoter Elton Owen. Running time: 30-minutes.

Bull Ramos, Jimmy Snooka, Dutch Savage, Tony Borne, Jonathan Boyd, Norman Charles, Elton Owen, Johnny Eagles

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