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These rare and nostalgic home movies were shot on 8mm movie film nearly 40-years ago in Oregon. These "lost" and deterorating film reels were discovered in rusting film cans, and were transferred to DVD "just in time" before being lost forever.

The picture quality is remarkably good for film of this vintage. It has faded in spots, and has the usual scratches and occasional out-of-focus shots that gives home movies it's unique charm. But the film is of very acceptable quality, and a music track has been added to this "silent" footage. There are four separate shows on this DVD:

(1). THE VERNONIA FRIENDSHIP JAMBOREE. Shot July 27, 1967, this reel consists of the Parade and Logging Show. Running time: 14-minutes.

(2). TRIP TO HUG POINT OREGON. Shot on February 20, 1970, a group of art students from Vernonia High School go on a field trip to the beach, where they paint, and explore with instructor Ray Wolf. Runs 10-minutes.

(3). CLATSKANIE PARADE. Shot on the 4th of July in 1967. A look at their annual parade. Runs 7-minutes.

(4) BEHIND-THE-SCENES of "The Vernonia Incident", a feature film shot in Vernonia in 1989. A professionally made, fully narrated documentary that shows how the special effects and car crashes were done. Runs 28-minutes.

All four segments combined run about an hour. Produced by husband-and-wife filmmakers Ray and Migdalia Etheridge. A Golden West Films presentation.

Vintage Home Movies

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