"The Day The World Stopped" (2010)

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"The Day The World Stopped" (2010) 64-minutes

George and Judy Henley move from crime ridden Chicago, to a peaceful ranch in rural Florida. All is well until a massive power outage plunges the entire region into darkness. Without electricity, banks, gas stations, and markets cannot conduct business, and soon residents are forced to steal supplies for survival. Wealth is no longer measured in dollars, but in how much food and water you have.

Jason DeWitt, Brittany Baumgardner, J. Mark Emerson, Henrique Bersani, Melissa Espinosa, and Jim Sims.

Produced by:
Husband-and-wife filmmakers Ray and Migdalia Etheridge.

Film Festival Screenings:

Treasure Coast International Film Festival, Port St.Lucie, Florida

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A shorter, tightly edited version of "Day the World Stopped", known as "DAY OF DARKNESS IN HILLBILLY COUNTY", is also available.  It may be viewed on AMAZON PRIME.