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Westerns: Cut to the Chase (2020) 93 minutes

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Fist fights, gun battles, chase scenes,and action from 30 vintage westerns: "Gone with the West", "Without Honor", "Law and Lawless", "The Cowboy and the Bandit", "Kentucky Rifle", "The Lone Ranger", "Raiders of Old California", "The Deadly Companions", "Apache Rifles", "Dead For A Dollar", "Fistful of Lead", "Cry Blood, Apache", "The Outlaw", "Stampede", "The Law of 45s", "McLintock", "Rage at Dawn", "Santa Fe Trail", "I Killed Wild Bill Hickok", "The Deserter", "Colorado Sundown", "One Eyed Jacks", "Yuma", "White Comanche", "Jory", "The Hanged Man", "Dead Aim" ,"Joshua", "Kid Vengeance", "China 9, Liberty 37".

 Film clips with Chill Wills, Brian Keith, Lee Van Cleef, John Wayne, Clint Walker, Errol Flynn,  Fred Williamson, Warren Oates, Harry Carey, and many more. Produced by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge. A Golden West Films presentation.

93 minutes.