"Vaudeville Comedy, Then and Now"

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A full-length feature film produced by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge

The era of live comedy on the vaudeville stage has come and gone, but its jokes and humor are kept alive by the new comics of today. The performers change, but their comedy lives on forever. "Vaudeville Comedy, Then and Now" gives us a nostalgic glimpse at the past through vintage film clips of comedians who began their careers on the vaudeville stage. We also present newly filmed routines in which our modern-day actors perform material which was written nearly a century ago.

Running time: 86-minutes

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  • NEON VENUS ART THEATRE, Hollywood CA. screened the "Tax Refund" segment.
  • QUACK ATTACK, Cypress TX, "Tax Refund" segment (winner: Best Comedy)
  • 15 MINUTES OF FAME, Palm Bay FL
  • LONG BEACH INT'L FILM FEST, Long Beach NY, screened "Tax Refund".
  • RIVERSIDE SAGINAW FILM FEST, Saginaw MI screened "A Dollar A Day"
  • BUFFALO-NIAGARA, NY screened "Autograph"
  • HYART FILM FESTIVAL, Lovell WY screened "Two Weeks With Pay"